Wall Sconces in Residential Lighting

April 27th, 2015

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Up Against the WallOne of the most valuable — but least appreciated — tools of the lighting designer is the wall sconce. Technically any fixture that attaches directly to the wall, a sconce can be modern or traditional, ornate or plain, metal or ceramic or glass. Here’s why you should definitely consider them for your home:

Sconces make you look great! Have you noticed that when you’re in a fancy restaurant everyone looks gorgeous? You can thank the mighty wall sconce, for this simple reason: the light from a sconce travels across the room at approximately face level, as opposed to ceiling lighting, which comes from above. This means that facial shadows are greatly reduced and wrinkles or other imperfections are miraculously filled in, so people just glow. And when the person across from you looks good, YOU feel good — it’s only natural.

The right sconce makes a small room feel larger, because it puts light on walls and ceilings. Sconces are a cheerful way to light a cramped space or a basement with a low ceiling.

A well-chosen sconce creates beautiful light without uncomfortable glare. The light source on a good sconce is shielded by fabric, metal, or translucent glass and directs light away from your eyes and into the room.

Sconces cost no more to purchase and install than any other light. Many people consider sconces a “luxury” fixture and never even consider them. In reality, they should be at the top of the list for any intelligent lighting plan.

We’ll be happy to explain how the thoughtful use of sconces can add warmth to the lighting in your home. Contact us today for an expert consultation.

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