Dave Konstantin helped us solve some challenges we had with high ceilings and insufficient recessed light fixtures. We had recently completed a renovation on an older home but did not adequately plan out the lighting, which makes such a huge difference in how a space feels. Without spending a huge amount of money, Dave came up with a plan to add adjustable recessed lights to highlight art and 18-foot-high bookshelves. He helped me select fixtures and worked closely with the electricians to ensure the job was done correctly. The project was completed quickly and was totally worth the expenditure. Highly recommended.

Susan Lambert, Arlington, VA

We sought professional advice from Dave to help select dining and kitchen fixtures, and to come up with a plan to illuminate artwork on our walls. He's very knowledgeable, listens well, and quickly gained a sense of our style preferences. He didn’t try to talk us into anything we didn't need, and immensely raised our confidence that we could make a good choice -- which had seemed impossible on our own. Dave was also attentive to budget, quality, and timing -- and there were no surprises. We are very happy with the results and only wish we had found him earlier!
Erin Younger, Washington, DC

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